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Omega Meails Sprouted Rice, Lentils & Flax

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Omega Meals Sprouted Rice, Lentils, & Flax





Omega Meals Sprouted Lentils, Broccoli & Flax




Omega Meals




Omega Meals Sprouted French & Lentil Blend


Large bio-tech companies are spending billions of dollars on research to genetically modify plants in order to increase nutritional values and decrease anti-nutrients when there is a natural, affordable and safe means already available.

For centuries, cultures have used germination as a means to make seeds, grains and legumes more nutritious and bioavailable. Research has proven that the storehouse of nutrients that have been dormant in the un-germinated seed are “unlocked” when the seed is germinated, making them not only available for the plant, but for your body to digest and absorb.



Because our client's needs are varied, we offer our germinated products in several different packaging formats.

BULK - 2,000 lb totes or 50 lb poly weave bags

RETAIL - Re-closeable box with poly insert 400g / 350g (weight will vary depending on product)

CUSTOM - private labelling and custom germination

For more information on what format best suits your company's needs, please contact us by phone or email.


•   Sprouted Golden Flax Powder
•   Sprouted Flax & Berry Blend (Cranberries and Blueberries)
•   Triple Omega Plus™ Sprouted Flax, Chia and Broccoli
•   Sprouted Chia and Goji Berry
•   Sprouted Broccoli Powder

*   Custom blends available for bulk or private labels



There are very few functional foods or supplements available that have as broad an application in the marketplace and as positive an impact on physical well-being as sprouted flax powders.

Flaxseed, traditionally, has been commercially available in three formats – raw seed, milled seed and cold-pressed oil.

While the inherent health benefits of flax are well documented and accepted, the bioavailability (how the body absorbs and utilizes these components) has been diminished due to the body’s inability to fully digest it in a raw state.

Not only are the nutritional factors increased through our proprietary germination and dehydration process, the body’s ability to absorb and process them has been increased multifold. The stabilization of essential fatty acids and the change in fibre ratios make sprouted flax powders much more “user-friendly” than traditional flax products.



Sprouted flax powders can be used as stand alone food supplements. Fox example, 20 grams a day can give you up to 4600mg of Omega-3 fatty acid. They can be easily mixed in juice, yogurt, applesauce, etc. The fact our products require no special packaging or refrigerated storage makes them much more appealing to consumers and food manufacturers.

Our sprouted flax powders can be incorporated into just about any form of performance foods (power bars, power drinks, etc.). Products that can increase levels of vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc. are highly sought after in the functional food marketplace.



Our powdered blends have been specifically formulated to maximize the nutritional profile. We are the first company to offer sprouted chia powder as a stand alone product or blended with other germinated powders. Our Triple Omega PlusTM is a unique and powerful blend of three germinated seeds (flax, chia and broccoli), specifically formulated to offer high levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, plus protective antioxidants and fibre.



The food industry, particularly the bakery industry is turning to flaxseed to meet consumer’s demand for foods that not only taste good, but provide nutritional and health benefits.

Sprouted flaxseed can be utilized as an ingredient in bread, many advantages:

•   Improved taste and texture
•   Increased product shelf-life
•   Improved baking characteristics
•   Increased nutritional profile

While not fully understood, it is known that baked goods go stale as a result of complex chemical changes, including state granules hold less water, and as a result, the baked good dries out. Sprouted flax improves the overall product hydration. In-house studies and feed-back from several commercial artisan bakers using our sprouted flax powder confirm that the shelf-life of an organic loaf of bread is increased by 25% (2 days).

The stabilization of essential fatty acids in our product eliminates the potential for off-flavoring due to oil rancidity. Sprouted flax powders can be incorporated into to most baked product resulting in increased nutritional value, better taste and texture, and increased product longevity.


More and more consumers are looking for “Real Food” alternatives. Our Omega Meals™ products offer a level of concentrated, natural, bio-available nutrition rarely seen in the marketplace.

•   Sprouted Short Grain Brown Rice (“GABA Rice”)
•   Sprouted Rice, Sprouted Lentils & Sprouted Flax Seed
•   Sprouted Lentils, Sprouted Broccoli Seed & Sprouted Flax Seed
•   Sprouted French and Crimson Lentils

Each ingredient, as a "stand alone" product is a nutritional powerhouse. In combination, they offer a meal that you can confidently serve to your family, knowing their nutritional needs are being met with natural, affordable and great tasting products.


Sprouted Short Grain Brown Rice (GABA Rice)

Germinated brown rice has likely been consumed for centuries, but was “discovered” in 2004 during the United Nations Year of Rice as part of their research into rice.

Over the last decade a significant volume of research has been done primarily in Japan and other Asian countries on the nutritional impact of germinating brown rice.

Dominant enzymes within the rice that supply the nutrition for growth are activated when brown rice is germinated. This further activates enzymes and increases amino acids such as L-lysine (a necessary building block for all protein in the body) and ƒÁ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Vitamins and antioxidants are increased, as is the amount of digestible fibre.

New nutritional components not found in un-germinated rice are released during germination, particularly the protylendopetidase inhibitor, which has implications in the prevention and early treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s. (Fig 1)

A 2004 study by the Japanese supplement company FANCL found that brown rice induced to slight germination contained approximately 13 times the amount of oryzanol and 15 times the GABA of polished rice.

Figure 1

When brown rice is germinated, the outer bran layer becomes soft and more prone to water absorption, making it easier and faster to cook than traditional brown rice. Enzymes produced during the germination process break down sugar and protein, giving the rice a sweet, slightly nutty flavour.

Germinated short grain brown rice has the highest nutritional profile of any un-germinated rice and has nutrients that impact almost ever category of concern among consumers (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, mental health).

Given current statistics and market trends, the appeal of a product like germinated brown rice has never been higher. Germinated short grain brown rice excels in meeting the criteria for new functional food products; health and wellness, taste and convenience.


Sprouted French and Crimson Lentils

Lentils have been eaten for thousands of years and are an essential part of a healthy diet. When lentils are germinated, anti-nutrients, the substances that bind enzymes or nutrients and inhibit the absorption of the nutrients, are significantly reduced and the nutritional benefits are significantly increased.

More than 25% of sprouted lentil’s nutritional value comes from protein. Although lentils are rich in amino acids, the standard building blocks of protein, they do lack two essential amino acids, isoleucine and lysine. When you combine sprouted short grain brown rice (which has the missing amino acids) with sprouted lentils the result is a complete protein meal, like our Omega MealsTM Sprouted Rice, Lentils and Flax.

A single serving of sprouted lentils provides sixty percent of the daily quota for iron, a mineral that vegetarians often lack sufficient quantities of. If you're vegetarian, sprouted lentils should be a standard in your diet.

Sprouted lentils are a good source of cholesterol-reducing fibre, which is also beneficial when it comes to managing blood-sugar.

When germination occurs, stored carbohydrates are used as the fuel source for the new shoot. The more readily available carbohydrates stored in the lentil are used up first, thereby reducing the carbohydrates.

Your blood glucose rises and falls when you eat a meal containing carbohydrates. The Glycemic Index (GI) is a numerical scale used to indicate how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level. Any food with a value of less than 55, is considered to have a low GI.

Sprouted lentils have a very low GI (30), which is good, because high-glycemic-index foods (i.e. whole bread at 74, instant mashed potatoes at 87) trigger strong insulin responses, thereby exposing the body to all the negative effects of insulin. By comparison, low-glycemic value foods do not provoke this insulin response.


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